Hello out there. My name is Paul Dellinger. I’m a retired newspaper reporter living in Virginia who has been doing some writing in retirement. One of the places I go for pep and encouragement is the Writing Writers group (first and third Saturdays) at the Wythe County (Va.) Public Library.

The adult programs staffer, Belinda, who started the group offered to spend some extra time showing some of us how to set up a blog. As you can see, she did.

So what will I blog about? Writing, some. Vintage movies, probably a lot of westerns and science fiction. Nostalgia–childhood memories. Pop culture. And whatever else occurs to me.

Why should I think anyone would be interested in reading any of this? Doesn’t matter. At first I thought of this as another way to enter into an internet time-sink. (See Facebook.) It would take still more time away from my “writing” writing. But–now I’m thinking that writing begats writing. The more you do, the more ideas you kick around, the more inspiration you get for new ones.

So–we’ll see.