You Are What You Eat? I Hope Not!

Our local library (Wythe County Public Library, Wytheville, VA) is home to many clubs, including a group interested in writing. A number of its participants have published (one brought a proof of his new book to this meeting). Once in a while, we do a little writing exercise, the one for today being a favorite […]

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The Power of One Dirty Word

Back in January, behind closed doors, President Donald J. Trump is supposed to have expressed frustration over immigrants coming to the United States from “s—hole countries.” No, the word was no more “s—“ than little Ralphie’s exclamation in A Christmas Story when he spilled all those tire bolts was “Fudge!” We all know what the […]

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Nineteen Months to Permanent Legend

It only lasted 19 months, but it has inspired countless stories, legends, folks tales and TV shows. I refer to the Pony Express, about which films were made with actors ranging from Charlton Heston (Pony Express, 1953) and William Elliott (The Plainsman and the Lady, 1946) to Roy Rogers (Frontier Pony Express, 1939) and Gene […]

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I’m fascinated by connections linked to things that have drifted around the periphery of my consciousness for decades, but about which I’m still learning new things. For instance: “I’m an old cowhand, from the Rio Grande…” Remember that tune? I always thought of it as an icon of western music. Surely it must have been […]

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Remembering the Lone Ranger

We recently did the Lone Ranger in our library’s monthly Mystery Book Club, reading some of the novels by Fran Striker. After all, the Lone Ranger is a man of mystery, right? Like Mickey Mouse, Superman, Coca-Cola, Zorro and Batman, his image is recognized the world over. Who can hear the William Tell Overture without […]

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Hello out there. My name is Paul Dellinger. I’m a retired newspaper reporter, living in Virginia, who has published some fiction writing off and on over the years, and a little more of it in retirement. I go to a writing support group at our local Wythe County (Va.) Public Library, where Belinda, the group’s […]

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